Types of Pressure Washer and Their Features

Types of Pressure Washer and Their Features

There are a lot of things that we want to do during the weekends and one of them would be maintenance and cleaning. You are most likely to spend a day just cleaning up the whole week’s mess. That is why most of the people today have a variety of cleaning equipment stored in their garage or closet from a vacuum cleaner, dust pan, mops, brushes, jet cleaner and more.

One of the most ideal kind of home equipment today is a pressure washer. It is a mechanical device that sprays pressurized water to remove dirt, loose paint and some other debris that you want to remove. There are several types of pressure washer. All have different features to serve the purpose you want.

Pressure washers have different types and have different kinds of power sources. It can run on electricity, petroleum, diesel or hydraulics depending on the design and specification of the manufacturer.

It is advised to consumers to do some research, read a review or have a second opinion before buying the product. This guide will help you figure out and narrow down your search and find what type of pressure washer is suitable for your needs.

3 Types of Pressure Washers

All pressure washers contain a very powerful pressure pump that connects to a reservoir. It then blasts pressurized water through the nozzle connected by a hose. The power of the washer, its features and durability greatly affects the pressure washer’s price.

1. Heavy Duty

The heavy duty pressure washers are usually powered by petrol or gas. It has a cleaning power far more immense compared with a light or medium duty pressure washer. If not properly used over the right things and application like a small car or your house exterior, it will leave it badly damaged. It is because the heavy duty pressure washer has a very high PSI and GPM.

This kind is often used in cleaning the street floors, concretes, large vehicles, buildings, stone works or hard surfaces. The heavy duty pressure washer comes in a very sturdy steel case or frame with wheels.

The tires are pneumatic. It is designed to carry the heavy weight of the washer and move it around even if it’s an uneven ground. It has a very heavy and large engine pump. It costs not less than 750$ and could range up to about 3,000$.

The water sprays at a very high pressure so product owners are usually advised to take extra precaution when using this equipment. They are usually bought for industrial use and not for home use.

2. Medium Duty

This is the most popular among the types of pressure washers. It’s powered by gas or electricity. The medium duty pressure washer is a versatile type. It has a pressure range of 1,500 to 3,000 PSI. It can do a work of a light duty washer using appropriate head detachable nozzles but never of a heavy duty washer.

It is used to clean normal size cars, gutters, drains, grates, swimming pools, tubs or fences. This type is also ideal for cleaning your patio or decking. The price ranges from about 300$ and up depending on the features included such as the nozzle heads.

There are medium duty pressure washers that can run on either gas or electric power. The electric powered washer is quieter compared with gas powered. It is more affordable and has a very low maintenance.

The electric one, however, has a cord which you need to plug. It can be quite difficult to turn on for outdoor use. The gas powered washer on the other hand is very viable for outdoor use, but the downside is that it is loud, expensive and requires you to do some time-to-time refill in the gas station. You can choose between the two of which is best for you.

3. Light Duty

The light duty pressure washer has minimal PSI. It is only ideal for cleaning tools and furniture. This is the most common equipment we see in the garden and used mostly on bike shops. It can also be used in cleaning dirt on small cars.

This washer is electric powered. It is very affordable and electric consumption is easy on the pocket. You can afford it because it can easily be bought for a low price. Of course, some products have extra added features and add-ons such as detachable nozzles which will cost you an additional but nonetheless it depends on the manufacturer. This is good for cleaning light dirt on the exterior and interior parts of your house maintaining it neat and tidy.

Although most light duty pressure washers are electrically powered, there are some products made that is gas powered. It comes in a small tank and a lightweight case which makes it perfect for transporting or using it from one place to another.

Between the two, the ideal one would be the electric powered light duty. The light duty washer is designed to keep small or light things in your house clean. Heavy cleaning outside usually requires you medium duty pressure washer.


Pressure washers no matter what type, how big, strong or how it is powered is built solely with the purpose of keeping things clean by blowing off a heavy pressurized stream of water. There are no best of the best among the three because the scale of their purpose varies with the user.

No one will try to buy a heavy duty pressure washer just to use it in cleaning up his or her car. No one will try to buy a light duty pressure washer and use it in buildings or concretes. Looking for different types of pressure washer in finding out which is the best is irrelevant.

Look for something that would fit in your preference and make sure that it is not cheaply made. Make sure that it is durable and will last long enough to make your money get its worth.


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