Pressure Washer Accessories

Pressure Washer Accessories

Accessorizing your pressure washer will ensure that you get better performance and make it more convenient to use. It will also be simple to maintain the washer.

Some of the accessories include a surface cleaner, pump shield for protecting the pump in cold weather, extension pressure washer hoses, nozzles for different cleaning tasks and detergents for removing stubborn dirt, among other accessories.

The accessories may not come as part of the package and you may have to find the right one for your machine. This should be based on your needs. For instance, you may need an extension nozzle if the one you have is not long enough. A surface cleaner is another accessory that can help you in cleaning more surface in a short duration. You also need accessories to enable your pressure washer to last for long without damage such as the pressure pump saver or cover.

Below are some of the accessories to help in your quest for improving the functionality of your pressure washer.

Yamaha ACC- 31056-00-13 Surface Cleaner, 15 inches

This 5-inch surface cleaner helps to clean the surface four times faster than a nozzle would. It features rotating nozzles and a cleaning path of 15 inches which ensures fast cleaning and at a large area. This surface cleaner is versatile and can be attached to any pressure washer.


  • It makes cleaning faster with its cleaning path of 15 inches, which is four times faster than a nozzle would clean.
  • It can be attached easily to any pressure washer that has quick connecting capabilities. This means that no matter the pressure washer you are using, you can use this surface cleaner with it and attach is easily provided the washer has capabilities for quick connecting.


  • The cleaner needs pushing or pulling as it cleans, which means that you would use more energy that you would when cleaning with a nozzle.
  • It leaves some space when cleaning next to the concrete or grass area, which means additional work of using a single spray nozzle to clean these areas.

If you want to clean your driveway, curb or sidewalk and fast, then Yamaha ACC- 31056-00-13 Surface cleaner is your best bet. It is much faster than cleaning using a nozzle because it covers a larger area.

Briggs and Stratton Pressure Washer Pump Saver

Protect the pistons of your pressure washer with this Briggs and Stratton Pressure Washer pump saver.  It features antifreeze and a lubricant formula that ensures that your pressure washer performs at its best. It should be applied before storing the washer for a long period and before the start of the next season to ensure that the pressure washer provides optimum service to protect the seals and pistons.


  • It seals the pistons from the pressure washer by sealing them from damage. This ensures that the pistons are not damaged by harsh weather.
  • This pump saver can be used with different brands of pressure washers, which makes it flexible.
  • It is easy to use because you are simply required to empty the contents to the washer. It can now protect the washer seals from getting damaged when the washer remains idle for long by lubricating the pistons.


  • It may spray out when you are putting it into the washer and therefore you should be careful. It would be better if you were in old clothes to avoid spoiling your good clothes in case it sprays out.

Briggs and Stratton Pressure Washer pump saver helps to protect the seals and pistons of your washer from damage that may be caused by dry or frozen water by lubricating the pump. It provides a good solution for ensuring that the washer provides you service for a long time without breaking down.

Classical Accessories Pressure Washer Cover

This is an all season cover for the pressure washer. It protects against dirt, sun damage and rust. It features a weather X fabric with a backing that is water resistant to provide extra protection against weather and abrasion.


  • It can be used to cover both horizontal and vertical styled pressure washers. It can also cover the attached hose reels, which ensures that the whole pressure washer is protected against damage caused by sun, dirt, sap from trees and rust.
  • The cover is easy to install or remove based on its click close buckle and the elastic cord at the bottom.
  • You can use it to protect the washer whether you are working with it or when storing.


  • The cover may not fit very well on some pressure washers because it may be too large or too small. However, it fits well on most of the machines.

Classical Accessories Pressure Washer cover is one of the pressure washer accessories that ensure that your washer is protected from the ultra violet rays, dirt, trees sap and rust to ensure that it gives you more years of service. It is however important to check the measurements of your washer to find out if it will fit because it may be too small or too large for the machine.


Using pressure washer accessories help in improving your experience with the washers by improving their performance and convenience. Although there are many accessories, this review features three.

The accessory taking the first position is the Yamaha ACC- 31056-00-13 Surface cleaner. This is because it makes the use of the pressure washer convenient by reducing the time it would take to clean a particular surface.

The second is the Classical Accessories Pressure Washer cover. This is a useful accessory that protects the pressure washer from damage caused by dirt and elements of weather. It helps to elongate the useful life of the washer.

The third place is taken by the Briggs and Stratton Pressure Washer pump saver. It is a useful accessory in ensuring that you get the full use of the washer by protecting the pump pistons from damage during a period of long storage.


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