Power Washer Reviews

Power Washer Reviews

Power washers use either an electric motor or a gas engine.  The latter are the most powerful cleaning equipment mostly suited for tough tasks. On the other hand, electric pressure washers are suitable for residential use and they can be used on decks, patios, outdoor furniture and the car.

Depending on your cleaning needs you can buy either an electric or a gas power washer. Gas power washers are also faster, which means you will need less time to clean your property. However, they tend to be nosier than their electric counterparts.

Another thing if you are shopping on a low budget, an electric pressure washer will be a great choice.  Mostly, buyers tend to lean towards the electric models because of their low prices and the low maintenance it calls for. All the same, it is important to base your buying decision on your cleaning needs. This way you can be assured of getting the best deal. Here are some reviews on both gas and electric power washers:

Karcher K.3000 Follow Me

This model is another promising power washer from the Karcher series. It features sturdy rear wheels, which allows you to move it around without the need for lifting. This makes it easier and interesting to use, no wonder the nametag “Follow Me”.

The unit features a quick connect system for the hose connections and the trigger gun. All you have to do is to push in and fix it into place. The unit also features the storage compartment for the wands as well as for the detergent. This ensures that everything you need is within your reach. Notable features include the 1800 psi and 1.3 GPM.


  • It enables you to carry it around the yard, with less effort. The four-wheel mechanism allows you to move it around with ease. It maneuvers obstacles.
  • The entire unit is easy to connect and use.
  • The N-Cor pump is built to last. It does not give in to pressure or doesn’t corrode.
  • The electric power washer comes with a storage space for the trigger gun and the wands.
  • The detergent tank is removable. Therefore, you can remove it to add more oil or when cleaning the whole pressure washer.
  • The additional DirtBlaster Spray Wand adds more pressure. Excellent when you are cleaning tough areas.
  • It consists of a child safety lock to ensure that your little ones do not hurt themselves and that it does not go off accidentally.


  • The pressure washer lacks the power to perform some intense work. Therefore, you might have to use it for light cleaning.
  • The cords are stiff to tuck away into the storage compartment.

Karcher K.3000 Follow Me is great for light cleaning. The four-wheel base increases its convenience. However,   it not suited to perform tough cleaning jobs.

Generac 6602 Heavy Duty

Generac 6602 is among the leading gas pressure washers under the Generac brand.  It is designed for heavy duty cleaning tasks in residential places as well as in commercial establishments. The equipment is built with top-notch technology to provide high pressure of 3100 psi and high flow rate of 2.8 GPM for all kinds of applications.

With just a turn of a dial, your decks, masonry, sidewalks and driveways will be left with a sparkle. You do not need to set up this unit at a place where there is power connection. As long as the gasoline tank is filled, it will perform from any area.  Its 221cc engine contributes to its unmatched performance.


  • The pressure washer can be used to clean different surfaces especially those that are dirtier.
  • Depending on the surface you intend to clean, the pressure washer will adjust automatically to give the appropriate mix of water and pressure.
  • It is easy to connect the hose since the axial cam pump is positioned above the ground.
  • The spray gun is cushioned to accord a firm and comfortable grip.
  • The unit features 11-inch wheels, which enhances its mobility as well as its stability.
  • It has an easy to read and maneuver control panel.


  • Its noise levels are way beyond the safe range. You might have to use protective gear on your ears.
  • The pressure can be too much for some light tasks. The pressure washer can damage some surfaces by removing paint and finishes.

Generac 6602 Heavy Duty is among the best-selling gas pressure washers there are.  It performs excellently but the price is quite high. However, it is worth every penny.

GreenWorks 1950

GreenWorks 1950 is a compact electric power washer. It is powered by an electric motor to leave your property with a sparkle. The 1950 psi and the 1.2 GPM ensures that no stain is left on the surface.

The beauty with the electric pressure washer is that it operates smoothly, with less noise.  With the long power cord, you can reach as large area as you can. The hose is also longer. There is a holder for the cable, which makes storage easier. What more, the wheels make transportation to be easier.


  • It performs amazingly well for its price. It is suitable for light cleaning especially in residential houses. You will find it useful when cleaning your car, outdoor furniture, patio, deck or any other surface.
  • The machine has a sturdy construction, which increases its stability.
  • The power washer is mobile. The wheels enable the equipment to be moved around easily.
  • It is very quiet, unlike most gas models.


  • The wheels are small and cannot allow you to maneuver some areas in your yard.
  • The hose is quite short.

GreenWorks 1950 is an economical model, which can clean most areas in your yard including your car. If not for the small wheels and the short hose, it would be a great choice.


Generac 6602 Heavy Duty is the only gas power washer among the three models reviewed.  It is the best among them too. It is powerful and highly portable. However, its excellent performance comes at a price. It is quite expensive and noisier.

Karcher K.3000 Follow Me comes second. Its large wheels makes it easier for you to move it around your property. Last but not the least, is the GreenWorks 1950, which is quite affordable but its small wheels causes it to tip over.


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