Greenworks Pressure Washer Reviews

Greenworks Pressure Washer Reviews

There are various Greenworks pressure washers with different features. These washers are electrically powered due to the Globe tools company’s motto of zero emissions. The pressure washers come in differing capabilities based on their PSI which determine their performance.

With pressure washers, the higher the PSI the more is the capability to handle difficult cleaning tasks. Washers with lower pressure capabilities are suitable for light to medium cleaning tasks that do not require a lot of pressure such as cleaning a not so dirty driveway, stairs, car and patio among other areas.

Removing sticky dirt and grime requires more pressure and that is where high powered pressure washers come in. These can be electric or gas powered, although gas pressure washers are known to perform tough cleaning tasks more easily than their electric powered counterparts.

Below is review of some of the Greeworks pressure washers.

GreenWorks GW 1501, 1500 PSI

GreenWorks GW 1501, 1500 PSI is a good solution for your medium duty cleaning tasks such as cleaning the patio or cars due to its 1500 PSI. It also features a flow rate of 1.1 GPM and a detergent bottle. Its nozzle has three tips, a 25 and 40 degree and a low pressure foam sprayer.

Other than that, it can be used to cover long distances because it features a 35 foot electric cable and a 25 ft. hose. Its vertical design makes it easy to store and to transport.


  • The built-in soap tank makes the application of detergent easy.
  • It is easy to adjust the nozzle to meet the washing needs. Dirt such as grime may require cleaning with a fine nozzle while you can clean the car with a wide nozzle.
  • It is lightweight and portable for hand carrying into different cleaning areas because it weighs 12 lbs.
  • It operates quietly unlike gas powered washers.
  • It is easy to assemble and start.


  • Some users experience slight leaking where the washer connects to the garden hose.

GreenWorks GW 1501, 1500 PSI pressure washer makes your light and medium cleaning tasks easy. Its different sized nozzle tips make it adjustable to different cleaning needs and can be moved easily from place to place. The only down side that it may experience some leaking where the hose is connected.

GreenWorks GW 1951, 1950 PSI

GreenWorks GW 1951, 1950 PSI is one of the powerful pressure washers with pressure of 1950. It has a flow rate of 1.2 GPM. This makes it ideal for heavy cleaning tasks and a good alternative to a gas powered pressure washer. The nozzle tips are of different sizes of 0, 25, and 40 degrees and it also includes a low pressure foam sprayer.

It also features a built-in soap tank and a cable holder in addition to its 35 foot electric cable and 25 ft. pressure hose. It is powered by a powerful 13 amp induction motor, which makes it more powerful.

It also features some improvements from earlier models.


  • It is easy to transport and store based on its vertical design.
  • It removes tough dirt effortlessly based on its high pressure.
  • The different nozzle tips makes the pressure washer versatile because it can fit different cleaning needs, whether they require fine or wide spraying.
  • It is as powerful as a gas powered pressure washer while at the same time operating quietly unlike a gas washer that is noisy.
  • The built-in tank makes it easy to dispense detergents while cleaning.
  • The hose reel makes it easy to store the hose during storage or when cleaning.


  • It may not be useful for heavy duty tasks that require high pressure that can only be provided by a high pressured gas pressure washer.

With GreenWorks GW 1951, 1950 PSI you can do heavy cleaning tasks almost similar to what can be done using a gas powered pressure washer, only in a quieter environment. However, it may not perform some tasks which require a higher psi of more than 1950.

GreenWorks GW 1702, 1700 PSI

GreenWorks GW 1702, 1700 PSI has enough pressure at 1700 PSI to remove dirt and grime from surfaces. It also has a flow rate of 1.2 GPM and two nozzle tips included, of 25 and 40 degree in addition to a low pressure foam sprayer. Its electric cable and pressure hose are long at 35 ft. and 20 ft. for wide coverage.


  • The pressure washer is powerful enough for cleaning tough to remove dirt and grime.
  • The long power cable and hose enable the pressure washer to cover long distances.
  • The vertical design makes it compact for storage and transporting.
  • The wheels make it easy to move from one cleaning area to another.
  • It’s versatile and can be used on different cleaning needs because it has varying nozzle tips that can be used for high and low pressure cleaning.


  • It’s ideal for performing lighter tasks and therefore cannot be used for cleaning purposes that demand pressure that is more than 1700 PSI.

GreenWorks GW 1702, 1700 PSI makes medium cleaning tasks easy to achieve and it can help to leave your driveway, patio, sidewalks and other dirt covered areas sparkles. However, it is suitable for cleaning tasks that do not need very high pressure and you may have to look for a more powerful alternative for those ones.


Among the reviewed Greenworks pressure washers, the first position goes to the GreenWorks GW 1951, 1950 PSI. This is because it’s versatile due to its many nozzles and can clean even the toughest dirt. It also comes with a built in-detergent tank.

The second place is the GreenWorks GW 1702, 1700 PSI because it can perform more cleaning tasks than GreenWorks GW 1501 and it features a hose reel. However, it does not come with a built-in detergent tank.

The third place is the GreenWorks GW 1501, 1500 PSI because it is suitable for light cleaning tasks and therefore not as powerful as other models.



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