Electric Pressure Washer Reviews

Electric Pressure Washer Reviews

Electric pressure washers are recommended cleaning units for homes. This is because their pressure range is friendly on most surfaces. Furthermore, they feature a compact design and are not noisy. All these characteristics make them suitable for residential places.

If you are looking for an electric pressure washer, you might wonder where to start. The market offers thousands of products. For efficient cleaning, you need to be sure you are working with the best equipment.

The search will not be easy especially if you have no idea what features to look for. Nevertheless, not to worry, here are some models you can choose. They have excellent features and some are easy on the budget.

Sun Joe SPX3000

Sun Joe SPX3000 is an electric pressure washer with a difference. It is designed with 2030 psi, which is a higher range compared to others in the same category. Actually, most electric pressure washers produce pressure ranges of between 1300 and 2000 psi.

The equipment has a flow rate of 1.76 GPM, which again is a bit high than in other models.  The power washer has also been proven to be energy efficient and water saving. What more, it runs on a Total Stop System, which lengthens the lifespan of the pump. You also get two detergent tanks, meaning you can use different types of cleaning agents. Other components in the package include extension wand, adaptor and hose.


  • With 2030 psi, this model is among the most powerful electric pressure washers. It is suited for both light and tough tasks at home.
  • It has a smooth operation, which does not produce disturbing noises as most of the gas models do.
  • The nozzles work just fine to produce a fast-moving consistent flow of water.
  • It features a total stop system for ensuring safety. It shuts off the pump, when the trigger gun is released.
  • The power washer has a sturdy construction, which makes sure that it is stable when you are using it.


  • The wobble plate pump is a bit cheap and of low quality.
  • The connection to the garden hose often leaks. But, if it is tightened well, this issue can be avoided.

Sun Joe SPX3000 is a high performance power washer. This is due to its 2030-psi and a flow rate of 1.76 GPM. These two are rare features in most electric pressure washers. However, the wobble plate pump is not a quality addition, not to mention the poor garden hose connections.

AR Blue Clean AR118

For anyone looking for an affordable home-based pressure washer, AR Blue Clean AR118 is perfect. Besides, it is affordable but again with enough features needed for light cleaning at home. The unit has 1500 psi and 1.50 GPM.

The pressure washer carries an automatic safety valve, which shuts the unit off when need be. Three axial-piston pumps contribute to the functionality of the entire power washer. Another feature that comes with this piece is the set of stainless steel plungers. In the package, you also get a 30-ft power cord and a 20-ft hose.


  • It is affordable. The pressure washer gives value for your money. Considering the features it offers, it is an economical cleaning equipment.
  • The pressure washer is also portable. You can carry it around your yard without feeling the pressure.
  • It has a small design, which makes it easier to operate and it can be stored in the most limited spaces.
  • The nozzles adjust easily to allow you to perform different cleaning tasks.
  • It comes with storage compartments for both the hose and the nozzle attachments.


  • The hose is stiff hence it becomes hard to manage.
  • There are evident leaks on the hose attachment.

Overall, AR Blue Clean AR118 gives you value for your money. It has adequate pressure and flow rate, to handle most household tasks. Unless, you are looking for intense power, this is a recommendable pressure washer for home use. The only problem is that the hose attachment leaks and the hose itself its stiff.

Pulsar PWE 1600

Pulsar PWE 1600 is another top selling electric pressure washer. It boasts 120V electric motor, which enables it to produce 1600 psi. The pressure washer also has a flow rate of 1.6 GPM. For a product at its price range, it certainly gives one value for their money.

The unit comes with an extra-long power cable, measuring 35 feet. There is also a hose of 19 feet, which features a two-way connector. Another accessory to this power washer is a detergent container. It is capable of cleaning most areas in your home including decks, patios, walkways and other areas, which do not require much pressure.


  • The pressure is high enough for most household tasks from washing your car to cleaning your outdoor furniture.
  • Unlike other models in the same category, Pulsar PWE 1600 does not leak.
  • The selector wand is a bit fast, which is another bonus.
  • The additional storage at the back of the unit meant for housing the wand and the cord are very helpful. They prevent the cord and the wand from disrupting you when you are cleaning.


  • It has a cheap construction. Most of the components are made of plastic. This questions its longevity.
  • The wheels are not functional. You might have to move it around.

Pulsar PWE 1600 gives you value for your money. It performs best on most surfaces and items at home. However, it might not last long since most of its framework is made of plastic and the wheels are simply aesthetic rather than functional.


Of all the reviewed electric pressure washers, Sun Joe SPX3000 is the best. Its 2030-psi pressure range makes it efficient and fast cleaning equipment for residential places.

Pulsar PWE 1600 is rated second.  It has the pressure but its construction is not up to standard. Based on the frequency with which you use the equipment, you might need a replacement in the future.

AR Blue Clean AR118 is the last in this review. However, it performs well but it remains affordable. Instead of hiring cleaning services, it is best if you bought this piece.


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