Best Rated Power Washers

Best Rated Power Washers

Power washers have become integral in homes and commercial establishments. They come into two broad categories electric and gas power washers.  The choice between the two depends on your cleaning needs.

For instance, most gas washers are utilized for tough cleaning jobs, whereas the electric pressure washers are most suited for lighter tasks. In the market, you will find a wide range of products in this line. However, how do you know the best equipment for your cleaning needs?

This should not be a nightmare since the internet has resources on the best-rated power washers there are. To make your search shorter, here are three products you should consider.

Generac 6596

Generac is known to produce among the leading gas powered pressure washers. Their Generac 6596 is a powerful power washer both for residential and commercial properties. A 160cc engine powers it. You can use it to clean any areas at home some of which will be hard to clean using electric power washers.

The model allows for easy hose connections. This way, you do not need to kneel down to connect the hose to the unit. Other features in the equipment include a spray gun, ergonomic grip handle, detergent tank and 25-inch hose. There are also four nozzle tips for different cleaning needs.


  • The power washer is easy to use. Simply assemble it and start your cleaning. The set up should take you around 20 minutes.
  • The four wand tips increases the versatility of Generac 6596. There is one for light cleaning tasks and others for tougher tasks.
  • It has large wheels, which not only makes its movement easy but they also act as the foundation of the whole unit.
  • The 2800 psi produced by this power washer allows it to handle some of the tasks that most electric pressure washers recommended for domestic use cannot handle.


  • It slightly loud compared to others in the same category. Hence, you might need some ear protection gear to reduce the noise.
  • The drain points for the oil is obstructed by the unit’s structure. Hence, it can be messy when you are changing oil.

Overall, Generac 6596 is an excellent model for tough household tasks. It has the performance and durability of most models in Generac’s line of products.  However, it is loud.

Simpson Megashot

Simpson Megashot is among the leading gas powered pressure washers. It produces an overwhelming 3100psi for dislodging dirt and grime from tough areas. With this high pressure, it is not appropriate to use it on weak surfaces since it will remove the paint or damage the surfaces.

It is easy to operate and suited for use on decks, patios, side paths, outdoor furniture as well as preparing surfaces for painting. The most striking feature of the Simpson Megashot is the premium Honda engine. This enables it to provide an amplified performance even in the harshest of conditions.


  • It is a powerful cleaning tool for tough jobs both at home and for commercial purposes. The intense pressure is enough for any kind of cleaning task.
  • The premium Honda engine contributes to the immense power that this power washer has. You do not have to worry about gas usage since the engine is highly energy-efficient.
  • The unit has strong rubber tires both for easy movement and for enhanced stability.
  • It weighs normally for a gas-powered pressure washer. Therefore, it is easy to carry it around your yard as you get to the dirty areas.
  • It is both a cold and hot water pressure washer, which increases its convenience.


  • It might damage some painted surfaces. The intense pressure may not auger well with some areas.
  • The unit produces a certain odor during the operation.

Simpson Megashot is powerful cleaning equipment. It is designed for tough cleaning tasks both at home and in commercial places. However, you might need an additional pressure washer for lighter tasks, since this model can cause damage on some surfaces.

AR Blue Clean AR390SS

This is another super model from AR Blue Clean brand. It is built with high technology to provide unmatched performance. Being an electric pressure washer makes it the best choice for residential use. You can use it on your garage, car, sidewalks and so forth. It is an improved model with cord storage and a gun holster.

The power washer features a total stop system and its operation is controlled by the trigger gun. It is lightweight for easier operation.  The equipment is designed for tough cleaning jobs at home with other models in the same category since it has 2000 psi.  It also features a hose reel and exceptional water saving capabilities.


  • It cleans cars, garages and sidewalks fast and without causing any damage over time.
  • The equipment features a compact design, which allows you to move it from one area to another.
  • The entire unit is easier to put up without any technical assistance. Actually, ten minutes will be enough.
  • The equipment has a variety of tips to choose from to ensure that you have the right wand for a particular task.


  • The cable tends to be a bit stiff. This makes it hard to operate it with ease.
  • The equipment’s high pressure is a double-edged sword. It does not help to maintain the unit in an upright position when you are not holding it.

AR Blue Clean AR390SS is the best electric pressure washer. It is built with the adequate pressure for all tough tasks at home. However, the cable and the hose tend to be stiff which makes it hard to run it with ease. Sometimes it can tip over if you do not hold it well.


Simpson Megashot is powerful cleaning equipment. You will never go wrong with this power washer.  Where you want equipment for tough cleaning, this is the ultimate choice.

Generac 6596 is an all-round pressure washer. Its 2800-psi works well both with light and tough cleaning tasks.  However, if you want a pure residential powerful pressure washer, which you can put to any use, AR Blue Clean AR390SS will be perfect.  It is a quieter and causes less pollution.


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